About From Out of the Flames – A True Story of Survival

From Out of The Flames is a story that will bring you below the surface, to the places of your heart where true joy comes from, places many forget about in their day to day lives. Dave Hammer opens his heart in this book as he takes us on a journey of discovering life from the inside out. Permanently disfigured in a fire at the age of five and not expected to survive, Dave conquers all odds. Dave takes us through the day to day tribulations and victories of recovery. This book is well-written with moments of both tender tears and lighthearted laughter. It has the feel of fiction, as we are told this true story from different points of view including Dave’s mother, grandmother, and Dave himself. As you journey through his physical and emotional healing as he struggles to survive, you are left with the sense that anything is possible. This is a great read for anyone who understands that joy comes from within and that life is worth living, and a better read for those who don’t.
– Janet Hazlett


“In Dave Hammer’s memoir, From out of the Flames, we journey with a young boy wrestling with death, overcoming infections and mastering button holes, and eventually into the inner-workings of a man, superficially disfigured, yet solicitous, living with measured humour and seasoned grace. It is a story of hope that surprises and inspires, and a testimony to the strength God offers in our supreme weakness.”
– Christina Crook


“Dave’s journey of hope is one of uncommon perseverance and a young man’s faith as his body and heart slowly heals. He delivers his story with frank honesty and a survivor’s sense of humour, prompting both tears and laughter along the way. From Out of the Flames is an inspiration for anyone who is walking a difficult road, and brings with it the message that impossible obstacles are not insurmountable after all.”
~Merrilea Chin



Dave Hammer’s book amazed me! I got to see the deep inner life of a man whose courage, tenacity, grace and humour, despite the incredible hardships arrayed against him, has always persevered. Dave Hammer epitomizes the over-comer. In fact, he has not only prevailed but has excelled in whatever he has set out to do. Read this book! You will laugh, cry, cheer and be inspired by this awesome story of a life well lived!
~Trudy Gordon


Dave Hammer has a way of hooking you into his book right from the get go. I started reading it and couldn’t stop until the very end. From Out of the Flames has helped me learn to be a fighter and not give up when I’m feeling down and out. It shows no matter what you can carry on, be strong and keep up a great sense of humour. I would recommend this book to anyone.
~ Candace Lushman


Very Inspirational! Dave Hammer’s book From Out of the Flames tells the perfect true life story of fighting to live, even through the worst of circumstances”
~Shannon Jankola


From Out of the Flames is a remarkable story of courage and perseverance told with clarity, intelligence, and refreshing honesty. I recommend it.
~Robin Carey
Author of Baja Journey and Upstream: Sons, Fathers, and Rivers.

The book I was given as a gift from a friend that Dave Hammer wrote touched me deeply he has been through a lot more than one person should have to. I am sick and have constant trouble but what Dave has accomplished in his life is very impressive and I bought his book twice one for my son and one to put up so I will have one that is in mint condition. I have also loaned out his book and everyone has been touched by it.
~Linda Adams

I loved the book! Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. It was very emotional, made me laugh and cry at times and I learned a lot about Dave Hammer and how strong he is. Despite his tragic life story, this book is filled with hope and humour.
~Sybille Mikaelsen


I was drawn into the drama of Dave’s life immediately and was not released until the last page. This is an inspirational reading as you follow the journey of boy to man as he overcomes the problems connected to a life-altering event.
~Lana Mrochuk


“Enthralling!!! Right from page one I was sucked in. The imagery was so strong I saw everything in my mind as if it had happened right before my eyes. I have not been pulled in by a book that much in a long time, I was unable to put it down till I was finished!!! Great book overall.”
~Leta Miciak


I met Dave years ago, I never really got to know him till I read his life story…I could see he was determined but never understood till I read this wonderful book. Not only is it easy to read, it was hard to put down…Read it & enjoy.
~Larry Warren


Dave Hammers story is about triumph over tragedy; about overcoming extreme hardships, and succeeding.

When I first met Dave Hammer at my Writers Critique group I knew immediately that he must have a challenging story to tell. He told us that not only did he want to write a book about his life; he wanted to take his story to the very top of the media industry.

Dave did not hide in spite of severe disfigurement from a childhood fire that killed his sister and left a brother and a neighbour severely burned. Dave never saw himself as inferior or with limitations. He tried everything that anyone else could do, in sports or academics, and excelled, even above many of his peers.

While Dave’s story is a captivating read for everyone, it is particularly inspirational to anyone who is facing obstacles and hardships.

~Dr. Abe Funk
Writer and inspirational public speaker
Abbotsford, British Columbia