About the Author

Dave Hammer, Author, Poet, Humorist

At the age when most children are playing outside with friends, Dave Hammer was lying in a hospital bed, horribly burned through no fault of his own. He was five years old. Not expected to live, God had other plans and beyond everyone’s expectations, he relearned to walk, speak, and use his disfigured hands. He also learned to like himself despite the fear and cruelty from others.

Dave HammerWhen he was sixteen Dave went off to boarding school to complete high school where he made friends for a lifetime.

After graduating from high school and then college, he worked in a call centre for seventeen years before trying his hand at full-time writing. He is currently working on books of both fiction and non-fiction. “I’m enjoying writing immensely though it’s not something I ever thought I’d do,” he says.